June 15, 2015


Every loss is bad.  But some losses are harder to take.

When the Rays swept the White Sox this weekend, the Sox stopper, Chris Sale, was his usual self. A dominating performance but dinged by one costly mistake, a 2 run HR. The Sox lost 2-1.

ESPN stated that Sale is just the third pitcher since records were first available in 1914 to have four straight 12 or more strikeout starts. Hall of Famers Pedro Martinez did it three times and Randy Johnson once. Sale has a franchise-best 24 double-digit strikeout games in his career. It was the first time that a White Sox pitcher had 12 or more strikeouts, allowed three hits or fewer and lost.

The White Sox offense has been offensive. Bad. Non-existent. Underperforming would be an understatement.

You would think that Sale's teammates would be motivated to help out their ace who is giving it his all (127 pitches yesterday). The contrast is that the Cubs dugout is much looser in close games than the White Sox. Starlin Castro just had his third walk off hit last night against the Reds. With the DH, one would think the Sox could rally easier than the Cubs.

Sale, 6-3, 3.01 ERA, 1.004 WHIP and 2.1 WAR deserves better support.