April 19, 2012


Theo Epstein says that he is not worried about the Cubs "slow start."  He said that the team would make some "small moves" during the season with the "big picture" in mind.  So, roughly translated there will be no blockbuster moves to find some offense. It means that Rizzo and Jackson will be called up later from AAA than sooner. After 12 games, the Cubs are 6 GB in the NL Central, on pace to lose 121 games.

One of the reasons has been a lack of offense. The Cubs are last in HRs in the National League.

The Cubs made three significant changes to their position starters, in right field, third base and third base. Have those changes made a difference?

PLAYER      GP       HR      RBI   AVG  OBP
Colvin           9            1          5       .364   .391
DeJesus       11            0          0       .281   .439

Ramirez       11           1          6        .140   .191
Stewart        12           1          6        .205    .295

Pena            12            3        12        .356   .463
LaHair           9           2          6         .360   .448

What jumps out is the comparison with DeJesus: no runs batted in so far. Is he on pace to go an entire season like Byrd did last year and drive in only 35?

Stewart seems to be a wash with slow starting Aramis.

Pena is blistering the ball, but when LaHair plays he has been more productive than DeJesus or Stewart, combined.