September 12, 2017


The turning point for the Cubs season may well be when Maddon surrendered a game when the Brewers were leading 8-0 in the 3rd inning. Pulling starters and running it like a spring training game gave the Brewers more opportunities to stomp the Cubs, 15-2. The Brewers went on to sweep the Cubs to push to only 2 games behind the NL Central Race (along with the Cardinals).

With 4 games left with Milwaukee and 7 games left with the Cardinals, the Cubs are on the verge of a historic meltdown.  The season has been tempered by a multitude of excuses: the Cubs played late into last season so they are tired (but the Indians did as well and currently have won 19 in a row); players were distracted by all the off-season celebratory events; the weather was cold early in the season; every club they played came into series with an attitude to beat the champions; there were some injuries; bad play would be turned around into consistent team performance; the club needs more Friday night games.

The idea that the 2017 Cubs, in the midst of their dull drum behavior, could turn around their performance on the dime into the 2016 Cubs juggernaut is a myth. But appears management and the team believed the myth. The recent Milwaukee series proved it was a myth. 

The Brewers were not supposed to contend for a title. The Cardinals were having a down year. The Cubs were supposed to cake walk through the division and into the playoffs. Many fans are now saying the 2017 season could be one of the great disappointments - - - a choke - - - if the Cubs fail to make the playoffs. In bad times, it is said you will find the best character in an individual. So far, we only see the Cubs on the ropes.