May 7, 2014


Cubs GM thinks Garza is still stinging from the rejection he must have felt when the Cubs traded him to the Rangers. However, Garza could not be clearer in his recent statements: he thought the Cubs losing hopeless and terrible. "You go through three years of constantly hoping, you kind of run out of hope,” Garza said. He compared it to a prison.

“We have to deal with those comments,” Hoyer said. “Until we’re winning, until we prove that we’re an organization that he would want to play for, I don’t think we can really comment on it. It’s his opinion and he expressed it.”

So Hoyer got around to responding to those comments. “Garza got his payday,” Hoyer said in CSNChicago article before the Cardinals series. “He’s on a team that’s winning. I guess he feels like he’s in a position right now to make comments. It’s on us now to flip that script, to show that we’re a place that people want to be, to show that we’re a winning organization.”

“It doesn’t really bother me,” Hoyer said. “Being traded is a hard thing, emotionally, for people. Even in a situation like that where we had a good relationship with him, there’s probably a feeling of rejection, for lack of a better word. People say emotional things when asked about it, because there’s probably some resentment they’re harboring.”